Our Alternative mortgage products truly shine.  Their wide flexibility encompasses the A-Credit borrower all the way to the borrower with a 500 credit score.  All of these mortgages require at least 15% down.

Alt-A Mortgages

Alt-A mortgages are designed for borrowers with good to great credit scores who, for one reason or another, do not qualify for Conventional financing.  Alt-A mortgages are more lenient on prior Short Sales, Foreclosures or Bankruptcies than Conventional or even Government-backed mortgages.  They also allow the Self-Employed borrower to use bank deposits instead of tax returns for qualifying income.

Non-Prime Mortgages

For the borrower with greater credit challenges, Non-Prime mortgages are available down to 500 credit score.  Flexible documentation options are available for Self-Employed borrowers.  If the property is used for investment/rental, income can be Stated.

Foreign National Mortgages

These mortgages are for borrowers who reside in another country but wish to purchase real estate in the U.S.  These loans can be used to purchase Second Homes or Investment properties.  U.S. credit is not required.